About Russell

Hello, my name is Russell. Welcome to my healthy destination website. Here we’ll look at those things that are extremely important for the maintenance and or attainment of good health. I am convinced that with some effort and temperance – an old word that we seldom use anymore – this goal is attainable.

I hope that you will find something here that is helpful to you or someone you know. If from your experience, there’s something that has worked for you and you’d like to share it, please, feel free to do so in the comments below. This can be a rewarding journey for us.


As a child, about two or three years old I had an intestinal problem that resulted in me being hospitalized for about a month. It was a terrible experience each evening to have my mom come visit me for about one and a half hours and then leave. Each time she walked off the hospital ward, I felt it was the last time I was seeing her.

Later she told me she could hear my screams about a quarter mile away.

About three or four years later, I was diagnosed with asthma. That was terrible. The wheezing felt as though I had to do hard labor for every bit of oxygen that entered my lungs. My mom was told of different home based remedies, which she tried. They worked for a time but the problem persisted. My parents did farming for a living and in those days, all hands were needed for the preparation and sowing of the soil.

Whenever it was about to rain, my mom sang a song to me that said: “Don’t go out into the rain you’re gonna melt, sugar, o no”. It was my signal to find shelter until the rain subsided. From there I watched while my siblings enjoyed playing in the rain. If I joined in, the wheezing would return. Nobody wanted that.

One day her aunt gave her a herbal remedy for me. After taking it, I fell asleep and later awoke to a period of vomiting as I never had before. When it was over, I never experienced asthma again – to this day. Don’t know what the herb was though and my aunt nor mom ever told me.

Thank God I recovered from those two diseases and I have been basically healthy since. I have seen, and am still seeing relatives, friends and strangers suffer from various diseases that many times lead to death. It appears as though each day brings a new type of disease, some instant life takers, others that leave the person debilitated.

I am convinced that it does not have to be that way though.

It was Hippocrates that said “let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food”. I agree with that statement for I have seen and personally experienced the changes that takes place in the human body when we follow it. We do not have to live unhealthy lives.


My grand father lived to be 84, my grand mother 72. My dad was a few days shy of 85 when he died. He got sick in the last two years of his life but until his last week, we didn’t think that his time had come yet. Except for one occasion, he was a robustly healthy man.

My second brother died at age 54 though – before his time. He did not pay much attention to his health. My mom will be 92 in June. She’s been bed ridden for the past three years. Most things have to be done for her now. No more can I hear that sweet voice singing to me and my siblings cause a mild stroke has taken away her vocals.

Looking at her and remembering that strong woman, full of vitality who is no longer able to walk on her own saddens me. Having to feed her, confirms in my mind the saying: “once a man, twice a child”. Still, I believe that we can age and be healthy.

I want to help people to live healthy as long as possible. It should not be a life filled with physical suffering. Old age should not mean chronic sickness, disease and suffering. Many have experienced good health in old age. Why not more?


We were created to be healthy, happy beings who lived forever. Sin has changed that, so now we are all mortal and at some time in our lives, sickness steps in. We can minimize illness though, if we take the right steps and do so consistently. That would lead to healthier people throughout their life span. I want to see this become a reality.

All the best,