How to become a vegetarian, for beginners – you can do it too

Giving up eating meat and other animal products was not an easy step, or should I say journey for me.

So am sharing my experience of how to become a vegetarian for beginners with you. I know that you can do it too.

I grew up knowing that the healthier lifestyle was abstenance from flesh food and all other animal products. Though we did not eat flesh often, we did – at least once per week. It was considered a treat and all of us enjoyed it.

With the turn of the century I determined to stop eating meat and did so for one year. Then one day I went out with my  children and we did not take along any food with us. It turned out that only fast food restaurants were open that day. I went back to eating meat.

Under studied conviction I stopped the practice once more in 2008. I have not consumed meat since then.


It begins in the mind

A group of friends and I were camping out for the weekend in the Northern Range of Trinidad. We enjoyed this sort of activity and did it as often as was possible. Early on Sabbath (Saturday) morning our leader announced that we would be discussing health that day.

Though I took it seriously I had no idea that conviction would come to me that weekend and change my eating habits, and my life forever.

I listened intently to the study including the Biblical basis for abstaining from flesh foods. It was convincing but I was resistant. One guy stated that his church had taken a decision that meat be not brought on to the compound of the church. I really tore into him for that policy and promised that one day I would show up at his church with a box of KFC in my hand.

I was certain that I was not going to stop eating meat and other animal products any time soon.

The weekend was over and I went home. I could not shake all the evidence that I was given for choosing a vegetarian life style. I knew that it was the better diet and I wanted to stay healthy and live a long life. In fact, one of my hope is that I will not die. I was convinced that it was the right way to go. Before the week was out, I made the decision. No more meat.

Some things that I considered

One of the first things that I considered was the scriptural evidence for going vegetarian. God created man vegan. Meat eating was only permitted after the flood when there was little or no vegetation available. The life span of man dropped drastically, from an over 900 years average before the flood to undre 600 about two generations later.

Today we marvel when a person live for 100 years. Even so, they are usually not very healthy and we expecxt that death would come soon for them.

Then I looked at the healt physical benefits. I would get all the fibre I need and would not have food rotting in my stomach for long periods of time. More energy would be available from eating live food instead of dead ones. Recovery time would also be quicker if I get ill or have an injury.

Do you know that being vegetarian/vegan contributes to mellowing out your temper? Yes it does, for plants do not – as far as I know – go through the emotional changes that animals go through when they – the animals – are slaughtered. so we do not receive all the chemicals that these animals secrete while experiencing the fear of death.

I also looked at a documentry that described all the resources that must be expended in order to produce a kilo of beef. The largest component is water. At 15.455 liters, that’s a lot of water for one kilogramme of meat. I will not go into how much plant food that same amount of water can produce.

In addition there is the plant food the animal consume, carbon dioxide emission and land area that must be used. It would take much less to grow some crops and feed a whole lot more people.

Most heart rending for me was the way the animals were treated from birth to slaughter. Everything about industrial animal production is disturbing to me. So putting all these things together, it was not a difficult step to take and surrender my appitite for flesh food to God.

Steps to become a vegetarian

You too can become a vegetarian. The steps that you must take in order to do so may differ somewhat from mine but of one thing I am certain and that is that it must begin in the mind.

  • Consider all the evidence for and against becoming vegeterian.
  • Look at the value of such a move to you.
  • Make the decision.
  • Locate good sources of plant food.
  • Source vegetarian and even vegan recipies.
  • Talk with other people who have taken the step. A word of caution here – some people become fanitical about being vegetarian – beware of them. Remember, the watchword here is temperance/ balance.
  • Be prepared for a period of personal resistance to the new food taste. Allow your taste buds and your brain to adjust to the less spicy foods.
  • Discuss your move with those who may be preparing your meals. It is good to get them in on the change so that there will be little conflict about what you would or would not eat.
  • Cast out all meat and animal products from your house – if you live alone or all the family has decided on going vegetarian.
  • Stock up on all the plant food you need. Make sure thy are as fresh as possible.
  • Cook or eat raw. Enjoy the physical and mind change.

Some things you can look forward to

One of the first health benefit I observed when I became a vegetarian was that my flatulance was no longer offensive. In fact, it was almost unnoticable. That is as a result of no longer having flesh putrifying in my stomach and later on in my intestines.

You energy level also goes up. This is so in accordance with practicing the other laws of health. Visits the doctor also decreases. Please note that if you have pre-existing conditions, that they would not suddenly disappear. Nor would you suddenly loose all the weight you had been hoping to.

Such changes will come over time as you address the particular issue. It did not just pop up on you. If you are over weight – like I still am – it will take effort and descipline to get rid of those excessive pounds. With dedication you can do it.

A smaller overall food bill. Some people argue that its expensive to be a vegetarian. I ask them ti consider how much they were spending while eating the flesh foods, including the medical bills and the overall ill health.

A longer, healthier life can be yours if youu combine this step with all the others that go to make a healthier lifestyle. In addition, you will experience less down time since you will be spared many of the airborne diseases that others catch so easily. As long as you do this wisely.

You will also be contibuting to improving the environment of the world since less would be put out to produce a kilo of meat. Plants replenish the soil and help in filtering the atmosphere.

Make that move, now

So you have some idea of what it takes to be a vegetarian and the benfits. What are your thoughts now? Are you ready to take that


As you consider w

alking that road, carefully study the prows, and cons if you can find any. Procastination is one of mankind’s biggest proble

m. So do not wait until everything is perfect. Begin now, right where you are and take steps each day, week and month.

Before you know it you are on your way and it will appear much more easy than when you stood off a distance and tried to imagine what it would look like.

Make that move to a healthier you.