The two week diet review

Dieting has become a norm in our society. Though it is more popular among women, many men are also into the practice. This is because more and more people are becoming aware of the health implications of being over weight.

That’s in addition to the aesthetics such as needing to fit into a particular outfit or being tired of the out of shape reflection in the mirror.

When such people hear about a two-week diet that will help them lose weight, hope and excitement increases.; for some. Others sink into despair and depression.

Dieting for weight loss

It is a proven fact that a person’s diet is the main determining factor for the weight they carry around. If you eat unhealthy foods, no matter how much you exercise, your weight will increase.

Eating for health and eating the right foods consistently is what would get you in shape and keep you fit and trim. In addition to sufficient exercise.

Any diet that does not combine healthy eating – a plant based diet – with adequate exercise is a diet that may appear to work initially but most likely will prove just a fad in the long run.

Thus, if you are seriously contemplating going on a diet in order to shed some of the excess weight, you should make sure that exercise is a part of the program. In addition, consider carefully the content of the diet you would be using.

One of the ‘newest’ weight loss diet on the market is called the 2-week Diet. Here’s what I think about it.

Seeing quick results

You may be quite skeptical about the idea of losing up to twelve pounds in two weeks. More so if you have attempted dieting before and saw no positive results. In some cases you may have gained weight instead.

Many health practitioners will tell you that it is unhealthy to lose weight quickly – more than 10 pounds per week in the first week. This is because the majority of that weight comes from water and lean body mass, not fat cells. After that you should aim for no more than 1 percent of your total weight per week.

This combined with your diet becoming a lifestyle instead of a fad, would ensure that you do not go through the up and down weight loss experience. So if the diet that you are on or the one you are thinking about trying cannot become a part of your lifestyle, I suggest that you forget it.

To get rid of excess weight and keep it off requires a commitment to healthy eating and frequent exercising.

I have heard people say they want to lose the weight but “don’t tell me to exercise or eliminate this or that from my diet”. If you are unwilling to give up that which is causing you distress each time you look in the mirror or visit the physician, then you are not ready to permanently shed those pounds.

The two-week diet

This diet was created by Brian Flatt who is also credited with the creation of the three-week diet. It promises to help you lose 8 to 16 pounds in two weeks. This is in harmony with the scientific recommendations.

Though I do not agree that carbohydrates is not necessary for a healthy lifestyle, as a diet that gives a noticeable kick start toward weight loss, I would recommend it.

If you are not heavy into reading – which I doubt, cause you are reading here – then the details of the diet will challenge you. It comes in downloadable eBook form that can fit unto any of your electronic devices. It can also be printed.

Flatt claims that the diet is based on years of scientific research that combines healthy eating with foods that are tasty, easily available at your local supermarket and will not empty your pocket.

The diet is tailored to all age and ethnic groups. So the entire family can be a part of it. This is beneficial since with all on board, sticking to the plan should be much easier.

Even though supplements are recommended, they are not compulsory so do not feel pressured to get them. However, for optimum results, you can use them if you are so inclined.

Though Flatt says that exercise is not necessary to see positive results while using his diet, he recommends them. I too recommend them since they are integral to your overall health and well-being and to give you that toned body that you are looking for. It definitely helps in your fat burning.

The man behind the diet

So who is Brian Flatt?

Flatt is a nutritionist and personal trainer who decided to put his knowledge into action to help others after seeing many people go through the ups and downs of weight loss. He attempts to combine education with action so that people do not just blindly follow the program, but knows why they are doing what they are doing.

Adopting the theory that the primary reason for weight gain is cellular inflammation, Flatt claims to have combined years of nutritional research to come up with a diet that would provide the lasting fat burning results that dieters go after.


Pros and cons

So here are some good and not so good things about the 2-week Diet.


  • It works to help you use that weight
  • It is a kick start to the healthier you if you decide to make a healthy diet your lifestyle
  • You do not need to join a gym
  • It may save you money in the long run
  • You do not have to starve yourself
  • The contents of the diet may be found in your local supermarket
  • You will feel good about yourself as you see the consistent improvement


  • It may resemble diets that you have tried before
  • According to where you live you may have difficulty sourcing a few items
  • the steps must be followed in order to see the results

One way to be sure


Now that you have learnt a bit about the 2-week Diet. what is your response? Are you ready to give yourself another chance?

Yes, I know. You are skeptical. You have tried other highly rated diet plans before. They only raised your hopes for a time and then dashed them. You do not want to go through that roller coaster ride again. There are too many people out there who are just looking to make a buck and do not really want to help anyone.

All that is true. The good thing about Brian Flatt’s offer is that he gives you a no questions asked, money back, 60 day guarantee. Now that’s a deal.

It means that if, for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with the results, you have up to 60 days to ask for a refund. You only lose if you refuse to give yourself that chance.

Go here if you have decided or want more information about the 2 week diet.